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Oct - 02

Pliant - Pliant


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Bank bosses who refused were simply replaced with pliant sycophants. He called that pliant decision the biggest mistake of his presidency. In other times, under other conditions, some pliant and amiable figurehead might serve them Pliant - Pliant. But she might better have sent him on ahead, instead of giving him this study of her pliant grace. She made no resistance when he threw himself down beside her: she was plianther cheek cool, she even looked at him haughtily.

The girl is a weaker vessel, pliantTurn Me Loose - Eminem - Eminem MP3 to the virago's sexual energy, selected from the class of meretricious ingnues.

So she rambled along the creek one afternoon, armed with hook and line on a pliant willow in search of sport. Words related to pliant docilecompliantPliant - Pliant supplemalleableobedienttractableyieldingadaptableelasticflexiblelimberplasticamenableductilegovernablelissomemanageablesoftsusceptible.

Words nearby pliant pleyelplfplf. Origin of pliant —50; Middle English Old French, present participle of plier to ply 2 ; see -ant. See flexible. The Landloper Holman Day. Shapes that Haunt the Dusk Various. North of Fifty-Three Bertrand W. Derived forms of pliant pliancy or pliantnessnoun pliantlyadverb.


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  1. Pliant definition, bending readily; flexible; supple; adaptable: She manipulated the pliant clay. See more.
  2. ‘From olden times the principle of gentleness has been symbolized by a willow branch or a bamboo, which is pliant and not easily broken.’ ‘She threw enough flour in the pot for the batter to finally seem doughy, and it began to feel soft and pliant and I could take it out of the mixing pot to knead it.’.
  3. Define pliant. pliant synonyms, pliant pronunciation, pliant translation, English dictionary definition of pliant. adj. 1. Easily bent or flexed; pliable. See Synonyms at malleable. 2. Easily altered or modified to fit conditions; adaptable: a pliant poetic form.
  4. The adjective pliant describes something that is capable of being bent. "The teenager showed off her pliant spine every time she draped herself over a piece of furniture. Why hanging upside down off the sofa didn't give her a headache, her mother would never know.".
  5. Pliant lets you build sophisticated workflows to automate complex business and IT processes in minutes, not weeks. Our technology allows you to automatically respond to events by connecting your run books to your infrastructure limiting human intervention required .
  6. Pliant definition is - pliable. How to use pliant in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of pliant.
  7. Pliant is advancing drug development programs targeting a range of fibrotic diseases, with a focus on fibrotic tissue-specific inhibition of integrins and the TGF-β pathway.
  8. Pliant Therapeutics is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company unraveling and targeting the key biological pathways driving fibrosis. By leveraging our powerful product discovery engine, Pliant is discovering and developing novel therapeutics that seek to halt progression of fibrotic diseases — ultimately, preserving organ function.
  9. Synonyms for pliant at modikustugoredianadar.infoinfo with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for pliant.
  10. Pliant was born out of these frustrations. We knew that there had to be a better way a better experience. So that is exactly what we did. Through our decades of experience working with, hiring, and working for contractors here in the Pacific NW we have developed an unrivaled relationship network that provides our customers with the very best.

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