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8. Fortune My Foe - René Clemencic & Hopkinson Smith - Repertoire Pour Les Jeunes Flutistes - Volume

Label: Harmonia Mundi - HMU 981 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: France • Genre: Classical • Style: Renaissance, Baroque
Download 8. Fortune My Foe - René Clemencic & Hopkinson Smith - Repertoire Pour Les Jeunes Flutistes - Volume

It is even possible that a few might end up in The Honorable Mentions. In general, the LPs in this class have a slightly higher "sound-floor", and are not quite as "alive" sounding, as the records in the top two classes. The descriptions haven't been altered since they were placed in this separate file, which means there will be references that no longer will make any sense. This can be based on a changed perspective, new and relevant information or if I feel I could just improve on the original description.

So, if a reader thinks they have noticed a small change in text, it is not just their "imagination". All the 5 LPs in the series are interesting and Keep It On (Main Pass) - Maestro Manny - Keep It On superb sound, but Vol.

It has a great variety of music; tremendously powerful bass drums and other well-recorded percussive instruments and voices. This will be unusual music for most people and it's also rare. This LP has Medieval music concerning witches, goblins etc. There are 4 performers, with two of them German vocalists.

There are assorted drums, strings and percussion. The sound is stunningly immediate and natural. The male voice is very dynamic and effortless. The soundstage is focused and very open. Amazingly, this is a digital recording! While it doesn't quite equal the finest recordings within the top two classes in capturing the most subtle low-level information, it is competitive in every other way.

Mad - Jeff Amadeus - 3 Decks Hardtechno Mix every person who has heard this LP at my place has literally begged me for a copy.

This LP is very rare. The music consists of various songs and dances from The Reformation. The sound quality is similar to the above title. I recently discovered that 8. Fortune My Foe - René Clemencic & Hopkinson Smith - Repertoire Pour Les Jeunes Flutistes - Volume group is also admired by the " Gothic Community" sub-culture. This LP has a great variety of music with a large assortment of instruments and voices, both male and female, solo and choir. What makes it particularly special is that the huge hall is very well captured and the "decay" may be the longest I've ever heard.

Some of the musicians move during the performance so it is also an excellent test of both image focus and the reproduction of a huge soundstage. The sound is very natural, clean and full-bodied.

The best pressing has a "KM" 8. Fortune My Foe - René Clemencic & Hopkinson Smith - Repertoire Pour Les Jeunes Flutistes - Volume the stamper area. It is a little purer and richer sounding than the others, but all the pressings are recommended. It also excels in every area just like previously recommended titles. However, it is not quite at the level of Villancicos or La Foliawhich are both superior in purity and low-level detail. It is still a very desirable record with incredible percussion effects and a "waterfall" at the end of Side One that can even be unsettling if your electronics are in the center of your listening room, like mine.

One of the finest Harmonia Mundi Я Сам Из Тех. - Константин Никольский - Музыкант. Лучшие песни. It is also on the TAS list. The music is ancient dance music from Hungary, all energetically performed. The sound is superb; transparent, fast, clean and natural. The dynamic qualities are also excellent.

Almost, but not quite, equal to those at the very top. This LP was always one of the most popular from this label, so it shouldn't be too difficult to find. This a large 6-record album. The music is very simple, mainly songs with instruments from the 15th Century composer, Guillaume Dufay. There are also some purely instrumental pieces. The sound is variable, which is to be expected with more than compositions. It ranges between excellent to about "as good as it gets", which means, on some of the cuts, the performers are almost in your room.

I don't know if the LPs were available individually or if a "sampler disc" was ever made. This set is difficult to find. The pressings are all Dutch, since the recordings were made in Meridian is a small English record company.

Most of their recordings had music from the Renaissance and Medieval periods. Almost all of them have excellent sound. The masterings were done by Decca Gomper - The Rolling Stones - Their Satanic Majesties Request many instances, including this LP. Their signature sound is similar to that of Pierre Verany ; up front and immediate. This LP is the finest sounding I've yet heard from this label.

The music is all performed with strings. After a recent re-audition, I find the general quality to be quite worthy of this list, and it has at least one exceptional cut, Greensleevesthat should not be missed.

In fact, it almost sounds like the solo instrument is in your room. I have often used this cut at the beginning of a demonstration of my own system. If the other pieces sounded as good, this record would be near the top.

The music was composed by Jewish composers Saladin, Grossi and Rossi at the beginning of the Baroque period. The music has a variety of typical instruments plus voices. The sound is superb in every way, with excellent inner detail, transparency, purity and delicacy. This LP is very similar in quality to their other ancient music record listed above. However, this record has no vocalists and the sound quality isn't quite as transparent and clean, but still very worthy of this list.

The music is all secular dances from the Middle Ages. This 8. Fortune My Foe - René Clemencic & Hopkinson Smith - Repertoire Pour Les Jeunes Flutistes - Volume is now very hard to find, but, like every other record from this label, it is not in great demand. This is music for a "liturgical drama" that evolved until a completed manuscript was available in the 13th Century.

It was one of the later analogue recordings made by Argo, dating from July The sonics are a little variable, but mostly superb. There is an excellent soundstage and sense of space.

The voices and instruments have both body and precision, and a good sense of immediacy. The only problems that keep this from being a contender Stevens Steel - Tut Taylor - Friar Tut that the sound-floor could still be lower, and there is also 8.

Fortune My Foe - René Clemencic & Hopkinson Smith - Repertoire Pour Les Jeunes Flutistes - Volume noticeable homogenization and distortion whenever the volume is louder than average. I've only heard Late English pressings, so it is possible that a Dutch pressing, if it exists, may offer further sonic improvements.

This LP was very common 20 years ago and is not in demand. The quality is superb as usual, but not quite equal to the three best from this label. The sound is sometimes a little too much up front and not quite as clean, nor does it capture as much of the space of the recording venue. The sonics are variable though, and the sound on Side Two is very similar to their finest efforts.

This is a record that I stumbled over, since I can't read any of the titles they're all in German. It's a very obscure label, which I try to avoid in this list, but the sonics are just too good to ignore and not share. The music is from the late Renaissance, and there is a lot of variety, including vocals.

The sound is variable, with 21 cuts, but there are many outstanding short pieces, that can even stand up to comparison with almost the very best sonics from Harmonia Mundi. The usual positive adjectives apply here. I read somewhere the Canfield Catalog that this is a Digital record. If it is, they did an incredible job. Charpentier specialized in the composition of music for the Nativity, using folk themes when possible. This LP is a collection of such music, with a wide assortment of vocalists, but less than 10 instrumentalists.

It is a beautiful recording; very vivid and with a low sound-floor. The performers are up-front. The only problem is some strain on some voices. Other than that, it is near the top. There were other Charpentier records by Harmonia Mundi that may equal this, but I haven't heard them recently. As most readers are sadly aware, the oppression and persecution of the Jews began much earlier than Hitler and the Holocaust.

The music on this LP comes from the Jewish ghettos during the period ofwhen the Jews were forced to segregate. This record is a "live" performance of some of the interesting and "festive" music composed by the Jews during that period.

The sonics are wonderful, with a huge soundstage and an excellent sense of space and hall. The instruments and voices have a natural, full-bodied quality, which is normal for this label. The sound-floor is quite low and the dynamic qualities are also very good. Fortunately, the live audience is not heard too often. This LP may be hard to find, but it is not in demand.

The first LP is concerned with nature, while the latter is about "War and Peace", and is actually a digital recording. A close friend of mine, who is an expert in "classical music", was also an executive for a budget classical music label. He has informed me that it would take around 20 CDs to make a complete recording of the entire Cantigas, which were all composed at the beginning of the previous Millennium.


(We Know Its) All Or Nothing - Various - Style To Kill -殺しのスタイル-, Another Saturday Night On My Own - Newton Family* - I Love You, Stop The Music - Various - Rockfile Volume 35, Janis Martin - The Complete RCA

8 Replies to “ 8. Fortune My Foe - René Clemencic & Hopkinson Smith - Repertoire Pour Les Jeunes Flutistes - Volume ”

  1. Jun 27,  · The liner notes written by Dr. Clemencic detail the instruments used on this CD and how they're played, plus he helpfully places them within their historical timeframe. Rene Clemencic unerringly produces recordings of note, most every one unique, informative and 5/5(2).
  2. Discover releases, reviews, track listings, recommendations, and more about Clemencic Consort, Ensemble Ricercare* - Danses Du Moyen-Age at Discogs. Complete your Clemencic Consort, Ensemble Ricercare* collection/5(6).
  3. Découvrez Senfl: Chansons a boire et a danser - So trinken wir alle de Clemencic Consort and René Clemencic sur Amazon Music. Écoutez de la musique en streaming sans publicité ou achetez des CDs et MP3 maintenant sur modikustugoredianadar.infoinfo
  4. Hélas mon bien / Die Megdlein sinnd von Flandern / Bruder Cunrads Tantzmaass / La Mourisque (track 6).
  5. O rosa bella O rosa bella English and Continental Music from the Late Gothic Period Clemencic Consort - René Clemencic Arte Nova Contents: Bedingham or Dunstable: O rosa bella (3-voice original, with anonymous added voice; 4 voices, fiddle).
  6. Rene Clemencic - composer of contemporary music. René Clemencic as a Composer "In my compositions I am not interested primarily in the creation of works of art, not in aesthetic matters, but rather in the effect of sounds as such in their primal magic." Works (Selection).
  7. René Clemencic et ses flûtes René Clemencic, Peter Widensky, Andras Kécskès, Esmail Vasseghi, Wolfgang Reithhofer Harmonia Mundi HM (& HMC) 40 [Cassette] Harmonia Mundi HM (& HMC) [LP] Harmonia Mundi "Musique d'Abord" HMC 90 [CD] HNH Records HNH [LP, USA market] Harmonia Mundi "Musique d'Abord" HMA 43 [Cass.].
  8. Aug 31,  · This is a fun record of the long satirical poem -Le Roman de Fauvel-, done by Rene Clemencic's ensemble. For full enjoyment, you need to be able to follow along with the mediaeval French in the lyrics booklet. Fairly large portions of the poem are recited on the record. Understanding what is said will be an important part of enjoying this/5(4).

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