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Oct - 02

A Time For Everything - Various - Rock Age Campaign

Label: Warner Bros. Records - PS - 9,Reprise Records - PS - 9,Atlantic - PS - 10 • Format: 2x, Vinyl LP, Compilation, Promo, Stereo • Country: Japan • Genre: Rock •
Download A Time For Everything - Various - Rock Age Campaign

Discussion in ' Map Development ' started by Deleted memberMay 26, Log in or Sign up. Click here to customize your rank or read our User Rank Policy to see a list of ranks that you can unlock. Have you won a contest and still havn't received your rank award? Then please contact the administration. The long awaited results for SFX 4 have come out. Come and check them out. The Lich King has chosen his aspirants! It's time to vote for the best in the A Time For Everything - Various - Rock Age Campaign Poll for the Icon Contest.

The Stone Age has proven to be a difficult theme in the 21st Terraining Contest. However the results eventually came out nicely. Check them out here. We're wishing you Happy Holidays! People you can check out here the accomplishments of this year on The Hive Workshop. Check out the Staff job openings thread.

Staff Job Openings. Dismiss Notice 60, passwords have been reset on July 8, If you cannot login, read this. NOTE: I had to re-make this thread since apparently they closed the original because it was old. Also, if you have any ideas or want to suggest something go right ahead! Need alpha testers to. Throughout the campaign you will be faced with tough and easy decisions that will change the way the units you control evolve. I will explain how the evolution system will work later on in the post.

The way the evolution system works is that it keeps track of all the main decisions you make during the course of each map. If for example you manage to discover how to read and write the map will transfer that discovery to the next map through a code generated at the end of the previous map.

The code idea is subject to change. For the A Time For Everything - Various - Rock Age Campaign part of the evolution system it will use certain key decisions to figure out what race you evolve into and eventually what storyline you will be placed into. I've had a lot of time to think over the above idea since I first came up with it and I've realized that what I was thinking is a bit over the top.

Of course it will still be present in some form but it will not play a huge role. There simply aren't enough resources at this current time to do what I wanted.

I'm not sure about the rest of the maps other than map 05 where you will control a group of primative humans in a battle against the neanderthauls. It all depends on the resources avalible to create what I want to do; If the resoures aren't there the ideas change. What this means is that I'll create whatever map sparks my interest, for example I might go work on map 01 then do a bit in map 02 or fix up a trigger in map 7 etc Here are a few screenshots with a short description of what your looking at, and a few videos.

Map 05 Screenshots. The Resource Multiboard and Man unit. In the above picture you will see the basic multiboard used on Map05, it simply shows the basic statistic's used in this map. To keep your people alive you must feed them whenever the message "Feeding time" pops-up on the screen.

I may add a way to auto-feed the people. The child unit and maturing features. In the above picture you will see the Child unit you will again notice the Man and Woman Icons. The woman unit. In the above picture you will see the Woman unit, you should also notice the Child Icon. The Fire unit and the Fire feature. In the above picture you will see the Fire unit along with the Log Pile Icon. The fire works like this: If the fire runs out of health you are defeated, so to Exercise 3 - Christian Wolff - Ten Exercises the fire from going out you must harvest wood to feed the fire.

The wood resource. In the above picture you will see the neutral Log unit. The player must use a Tree Cutter to chop the log into smaller pieces of wood that can be used for various things. Only the Tree Cutter can gather wood. An example of Boar hunting.

In the above picture you see a hunter hunting a boar. In the above picture you see that the hunter has killed the boar and is now standing over the boar's carcass.

The player must tell the hunter to kill the boar carcass unit to gain some of the Food and Hide resources. In the above picture you will see that the game has told the player how many food and hides that the hunter has gathered, you can also see that the remains of the boar are left on the ground to add a bit of realism to the map.

Failure to upgrade. In the above picture you will see that I have tried to tell one of my woman units to give birth to a child, but I seem to have an insufficient amount of hides to clothe the child so the woman was unable to give birth.

I have recently decided to limit the population by requiring more fires to be built, so if you try to create a child and you're already at max population an error message will pop up. The error messages show up for a variety of reasons, there are many cases other than creating a child where an error message may pop up. Deleted memberMay 26, Looks nice! Sin'doreiMay 27, ChaosyMay 27, Deleted memberMay 27, I've just given the woman the ability to create more campfires to increase the population cap.

I'll see about adding in a few basic buildings in Maunder Minimum - Abdul Hamid Sherzai* - Bubonic bit.

I'm thinking about adding some form of basic AI in map05 so that your people can gather resources on their own. I'm not sure atm though because in A Time For Everything - Various - Rock Age Campaign test it looks as if all the resources on the map would be White Rabbit (EPB Edit) - Various - Empty Pool Boys V.A Compilation 009 (File) within the first 15 minutes.

To combat the resources being depleated so fast I am also thinking of adding some sort of respawn for all of the resources with alternating spawns Boy About Town - The Jam - Set The House Ablaze (DVD) instead of for example a log worth up to 5 wood it would spawn a different log worth say 20 wood.

Some of the triggers have been fixed and shortened thanks to the help A Time For Everything - Various - Rock Age Campaign Chaossy, and I have done a basic color code of every spell that exists at the moment. The layout of map05 has been copied directly from map01 so that you can build uppon the land that you play through in the orevious maps. This may change eventually. Deleted memberMay 30, The different resource value sounds better.

This is just an idea, make it take more time to gather a resource so insted of controlling 5 units to pick up things instant maybe it should take one minute to gather this will give you way more time to controll all of your units.

ChaosyJun 2, Deleted memberJun 2, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?


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