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Oct - 02

Do Do Do - The Aesthetics - Ugly Ambition

Label: Artless Intent - AI006 • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: New Zealand • Genre: Rock • Style: Garage Rock, Lo-Fi
Download Do Do Do - The Aesthetics  - Ugly Ambition

Over the course of a year or so, he built a railroad in his backyard. Not little garden-variety toy trains, mind you, but five-foot cars that could transport adults and, most importantly, grandchildren. He built engines, boxcars, flatcars, and cabooses from scratch—designing, building and painting everything, down to the last detail. Every summer vacation, we would hurtle ourselves down the natural slope of his yard, holding on tightly at two key curves that sliced through pine trees.

Ambition and its personality derivatives—such as drive and industriousness—are gifts from God. Ambition is part of the imago dei. Like work itself, I believe ambition was placed into humanity at creation and that it is an innately good part of what it means to be human.

However, ambition also has a shadow side. Things designed for good at creation are affected by the Fall. The wrong side of ambition drives us to act for selfish reasons, for aggrandizement, and it ultimately leads to bigger-is-better philosophies that hurt more than harm. Human beings would not have cultivated cities or invented skyscrapers or air travel, the Internet, or backyard trains.

As Skye Jethani argues in his book Futurevilleambition at its best allows people to bring order, create beauty, and generate abundance out of the natural resources of the world. Furthermore, it takes ambition to lead. Almost every inspirational figure who made a mark on the world had some quiet or not-so-quiet ambition: Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, C. Even Mother Teresa had ambition to do something no one else would do. On the other hand, the shadow side of ambition hurts peoples. It teaches that greed is good.

It prioritizes institution-building over people. It turns ministry into mechanisms for conversion. So, how can we discern when ambition is being redeemed in our lives? I suggest these three questions:. Is my ambition fueled by something that lasts Youve Got A Lover - Ricky Skaggs - Youve Got A Lover / Lets Love The Bad Times Away myself but not Do Do Do - The Aesthetics - Ugly Ambition my reputation?

Ambitious people build things. They maximize profits. They create better systems. They generate enduring companies. The first question of ambition addresses the degree to which our efforts are producing something that will last in the world. This has relevance, for instance, to our parenting. All three of my kids are hard-working and industrious.

Instead, the goal is to become the kinds of people God can use. This first question, then, relates Do Do Do - The Aesthetics - Ugly Ambition the motivation of ambition. Are we being motivated by the right things? The second question is one of outcomes —what we hope will be the result of our industrious behavior.

My favorite verse on this topic is 2 Samuel King David and the nation of Israel are experiencing a period of surplus. David has just moved into a beautiful new home. You get a promotion. You deliver results. Your investments are peaking. Finally, we should ask ourselves how we exercise ambition. This relates to the process and practice of our hard work. This is ambitious enough without trying to reform culture. Messengers Way - Zeus (16) - Busting Visions article was originally published at The High Calling.

Reposted with permission. David Kinnaman President November 11, Your cart. All Products. Do Do Do - The Aesthetics - Ugly Ambition Cart Total. Shipping and discount codes are added at checkout.


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  1. Nov 11,  · Even Mother Teresa had ambition to do something no one else would do. Her’s was, perhaps, atypical, but something on the inside drove her to serve the poor. On the other hand, the shadow side of ambition hurts peoples. It teaches that greed is good. It prioritizes institution-building over people. It turns ministry into mechanisms for conversion.
  2. Towards a philosophy of aesthetics in photography: do you strive to capture the world as more beautiful, the same, or worse in your photos? In other words: Do you strive to make your photos look MORE BEAUTIFUL than reality?Do you strive to make your photos as “photo realistic”to reality? Do .
  3. Mar 11,  · What is ugly? We use the word commonly but do we truly understand its meaning? How do we know what is ugly and what is beautiful? How is that over time, something ugly can become beautiful? Ugly: The Aesthetics Of Everything by Stephen Bayley is a new Goodman Fiell title, available from all good book stores, or online at.
  4. Ugly Ambition by The Aesthetics, released 23 November 1. Hombre 2. Drive On 3. Do, Do, Do 4. 20 5. New Meme '08 6. Friday 7. Reptilian Agenda 8. Blood Rock 9. Livin' Lo Marijuana Girls Devon (dark ambient version) bad, bad boyfriend the greatest album ever, unsung, unknown.
  5. Jul 30,  · Translated into English for the first time, Aesthetics of Ugliness is an indispensable work for scholars and students of modern aesthetics and modernist art, literary studies and cultural theory, which fundamentally reworks conceptual understandings of what it means for a thing to be ugly.
  6. Aug 04,  · Ugly: The Aesthetics of Everything [Stephen Bayley] on modikustugoredianadar.infoinfo *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Is ugliness only skin-deep, or can something that is beautifully engineered--a B52 bomber or a Coltalso be ugly/5(3).

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