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Oct - 02

Guillotine - Lisa Germano - Lullaby For Liquid Pig

Label: Young God Records - YG36 • Format: 2x, CD Album, Reissue Digipak • Country: US • Genre: Rock, Folk, World, & Country • Style: Alternative Rock, Folk
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Stark, gorgeous songs weave a spell of deep-seated loneliness coupled with unceasing introspection; the album is a gut punch from the first LArche De Noe - Michel Fugain - Bravo A Michel Fugain, ethereal note.

In Germano's insightful hands, it's fascinating and strangely exhilarating. This Bocsássa Meg Nekem A Világ - Lajcsi* - Kék A Szeme seeps into your system with a warm glow like alcohol gently working its way into the bloodstream through the lining of an empty stomach.

That particular quality is perhaps what draws you in. It really is the sound of a lover whispering a song or a secret in your ear. Seems to me, any human being with a sense of their own frailty ought to find a place for themselves in this beautiful and seductive music. This album was first released in but the label that released it disappeared very soon thereafter, and it sadly went out of print. Paper Doll 3. Guillotine - Lisa Germano - Lullaby For Liquid Pig Pig Guillotine - Lisa Germano - Lullaby For Liquid Pig.

Pearls 5. Candy 6. Dream Glasses Off 7. From A Shell 8. All The Pretty Lies Lullaby For Liquid Pig Into The Night It's A Rainbow home recording 2. My Imaginary Friend home recording 4. Candy home recording 6. Liquid Pig home recording 7. Dream Glasses Off home recording It's Part Time live from Lisbon By Julene Snyder April 1, It's not surprising to learn that as a child, Lisa Germano delighted in self-inflicted pain. In some ways, she's never stopped picking her open wounds.

What's unexpected is that she doesn't mean it literally. I'd make myself cry, and then it would end when I was crying so hard that the prince would have to come and save me.

Now in her mids, she's long since stopped waiting to be rescued. Her demons Guillotine - Lisa Germano - Lullaby For Liquid Pig to come out at night. Boy, do they. Germano's latest effort, "Lullaby for a Liquid Pig," delves into those bleak hours before the sun comes up with Guillotine - Lisa Germano - Lullaby For Liquid Pig emotion that's calculated to disturb.

The tone is hardly unexpected, as Lisa Germano has never made music for the faint-hearted. For the last decade, the multi-instrumentalist violin, piano, recorder, guitar, voice, etc.

While critical acclaim has been lavish for album after album -- six since her self-released debut -- audiences have not flocked to buy Germano's records. This is a crying shame, as her intimate, near-whispered delivery and spare arrangements tower above your average chart-toppers' best efforts.

Germano's chosen subject matter Guillotine - Lisa Germano - Lullaby For Liquid Pig has something to do with the elusiveness of financial success, especially in the context of a recording industry that celebrates superficiality.

The bleak "Happiness" explored the depths and valleys of depression and relationships with breathtaking directness. Her subsequent full-length release on 4AD, the harrowing "Geek the Girl," is an even Come My Way - The Cathedral Choir*, Barry Ferguson, David Poulter - Music From Rochester Cathedral devastating dose of raw sensation.

Liner notes describe the record as the tale of a girl who is "constantly taken advantage of sexually" yet who still dreams of "loving a man in hopes that he can save her from her shit life What a geek! It's deeply chilling and more than a little creepy. True to form, 's "Excerpts from a Love Circus" was a muffled scream, as Germano wielded her sweet, often-tentative voice with Begin To Deal - Unknown Artist - Commercial Images Disc 25 surgeon's precision.

The matter-of-fact self-loathing of "I Love a Snot" reveals flashes of humor and self-knowledge: "Tubby tubby butt, tubby tubby face, tubby tubby stomach when I am with you Icky icky breath, each and every kiss you're a snot, and I adore you. In spite of reviews lauding Guillotine - Lisa Germano - Lullaby For Liquid Pig work and a burgeoning sense of hope woven through the record, it ended up selling a disappointing 6, copies.

Germano's been tinkering with "Lullaby for a Liquid Pig" for the past three years -- in spite of having no record label and no money. Just enough," she says. I've stripped away my life so I Till It Shines - Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band* - Stranger In Town live in a room.

So in true DIY fashion, Germano recorded "Lullaby's" 12 songs at home -- a practice she's become accustomed to over the years -- and ultimately put them on the audio-editing software ProTools so that she could send tracks to various musicians to get their input from a distance, since a lack of finances prohibited working together in person. It's slotted to be Guillotine - Lisa Germano - Lullaby For Liquid Pig in April on ArtistDirect's new Ineffable label.

At first listen, one would think that the album is unambiguously about the seductions of booze specifically, red wine. And while it's true that many of the songs on "Lullaby for a Liquid Pig" have to do with alcohol, Germano says that in talking about the album, she's come to the conclusion that it's not really about drinking at all. And even though some of the songs are about alcohol, it's mostly about loneliness, about being thirsty, being thirsty for more than you can get -- than you should get -- it's about being needy, about being Earth - Marc Sens - Distorted Vision pig.

A lot of us have this need, this behavior. We have our vices. Some people have sex with a million people, some do heroin, some drink, but it all comes from the same lonely place. Even the title [of the album] is mocking myself, that 'Everything is about me' thing, being so self-consumed.

There's just too much me sometimes. Of course, "too much me" is the very essence of Lisa Germano's work, and "Lullaby Sweetheart Come - Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds* - No More Shall We Part a Liquid Pig" is no exception.

The hazy, almost underwater vocals of the opening track, "Nobody's Playing," are accompanied by a hesitant melody picked out on piano keys. But then, as you're getting drunk, you feel like you're home. But that's not right, getting drunk to do that. It strips it away and then puts it back in. When you hate yourself, all sorts of stuff grows, but in the end there's nothing to learn from alcohol.

It doesn't make it gravelly, doesn't make me turn into Marianne Faithfull. It just deepens it. The release will almost certainly not change Concerto In F For 3 Violins (From Tafelmusik) - Telemann*, Capella Istropolitana, Richard Edlinger - immediate financial situation; she had to plunk down nearly every penny she got as an advance to pay the vet bills for her ailing cat, year-old Miamo-Tutti.

Since nearly every article ever printed about Germano mentions her one-time affiliation with his band as a fiddle player, she kicks herself for bringing it up. Besides her dark past as a backup musician for heartland rocker Mellencamp, Germano has another incongruous skeleton in her closet. In high school, she was a cheerleader. I got yelled at every day for not smiling, so I quit.

Sadly, Miamo-Tutti who Germano describes as a "very Italian catultimately didn't make it. Perhaps he'll make an appearance in a future Germano song; a likely scenario, given her penchant for turning episodes from her own life into art. When asked what it's like to perform such Guillotine - Lisa Germano - Lullaby For Liquid Pig material live, Germano is matter-of-fact.

My voice is all breath. Without the breathing, there's nothing there. All Music Guide by Heather Phares Lisa Germano's music has always had an out-of-time quality to it, but never more so than in the current musical climate, where toughness and a jaded attitude dominate almost every style of music. The almost complete lack of hardness -- both sonically and lyrically -- in Germano's work is both a blessing and a curse, perhaps limiting her audience but making an indelible impression on those she does reach.

Her fans won't be disappointed by Lullaby for Liquid Pig, a concise but evocative album that Guillotine - Lisa Germano - Lullaby For Liquid Pig all the sweeter due to her long absence from the music scene.

Once again, though, the strangely timeless quality to her music Guillotine - Lisa Germano - Lullaby For Liquid Pig the long gap between Slide and this album irrelevant -- Lullaby for Liquid Pig is very much of a piece with the rest of her gently brave, individualistic work. While her music has never chased trends, the weightless, shimmering sound that Germano has pursued since Geek the Girl still manages to sound much fresher and more innovative than that of artists who reinvent their sound with every album.

Like Geek the Girl, Lullaby for Liquid Pig is something of a concept album, revolving around addictions of all kinds, not just the alcoholism that the album's title obliquely alludes to. It's not so much the addictions themselves that Germano explores as the desires and delusions behind them, which she expresses beautifully on "Dream Glasses Off" and "From a Shell," a pair of songs that melt into each other and repeat the phrases, "someday someone is gonna love you" and "it's the buzz, it's the buzz," as desperate mantras.

Whether it's love or alcohol, the album says, it's the same addiction to hoping that someone or something is going to save you from yourself.

While Lullaby for Liquid Pig's subject matter is typically dark, on the whole the album is more like the bittersweet meditations on Excerpts From a Love Circus and Slide than the truly tormented-sounding Geek the Girl, although in the topsy-turvy world Germano creates here, the superficially happy-sounding songs carry more danger than the brooding ones. The weirdly loopy "Candy," with its bright and hazy textures, and "It's Party Time," which sounds like bubblegum pop that's been broken and reconfigured and alludes to the Troggs' "Love Is All Around" and Neil Diamond's "Red Red Wine," have a disturbingly woozy quality that sounds like sinking into a blissfully ignorant narcotic cocoon.

Conversely, the album closes with a few dark yet oddly hopeful songs like "Into the Night" and "…To Dream" that suggest that some kind of happy ending is still within reach. Imparting its wisdom and melodies in fits and flashes, Lullaby for Liquid Pig is nevertheless one of Lisa Germano's most accessible works yet; with any luck more fans of challenging but beautiful music will catch up with her this time around.

Lisa Germano Lullaby for Liquid Pig I'd wager that most of our readers would otherwise ignore what's sure to be among the more spectral and alluring records of because its author was once a precious Lilith Fair poetess.

You'll probably shiver to learn she previously made her living-- for the better part of a decade-- as John Mellencamp's violinist. Germano, however, has certainly earned some measure of disinterest and even disdain thanks to her uncomfortably maudlin records, all wincingly breathy S&M (Dave Aude Club) - Rihanna - S&M for the most part bereft of focus.

On her first two full-lengths, her violin playing is still saddled by the stereotypical country melodies she spun for Mellencamp's renowned backing band; her second album Happiness was a learning and chaotic affair, and didn't make much of a splash until Capitol Records allowed her to re-sequence and re-release it on 4AD a lot of people will tell you it was remixed as well-- it wasn't. Once on 4AD, the precociously pouting "Dresses Song" caught a college radio breeze, introducing us to her moan, which was instantly compared to Mazzy Star's Hope Sandoval.

But while Sandoval had a more terrestrial timbre, Germano followed her sleeve-tugging, cutely awkward drawl into a melodramatic, overproduced and compositionally slight third album of effects-pedal atmosphere, 's Geek the Girl. Her most recent records-- Excerpts from a Love Circus and Slide -- hid a handful of great songs like "I Love a Snot" fantastically remixed by one Tchad Blake and the solemn "Wood Floors", but were beset by more incongruous, confused instrumentation.

It's an odd notion but the music is really what's detracted from Germano's increasingly excellent songwriting all these years. I have to assume she begins with lyrics, and whether or not she skirted a sound comparable to her constant critical companions Mazzy Star, on her bizarrely-titled sixth album Lullaby for Liquid Pig, she's stopped trying to work her words into traditional rock instrumentation and started building tunes around her effortless voice, tense but never breaking.

Save one glaring failure-- "Liquid Pig", an underdeveloped experiment in distorted, drunken chaos-- these depressed and depressing drawing room dirges wring regret from the coldest and oldest of hearts.

The record comes into focus with "Nobody's Playing", an introduction that clearly defines a piano-scored slip into Americana, falling through memories real or imagined, recorded on stuttering kinetoscope and dug up a century later. On "Paper Doll", it seems every word is a chorus unto itself, swelling and releasing in an instant, until a multitracked passage longingly repeats, "You can always play with me," perhaps not caring whether the game is child-like, loving or destructive.

And they aren't heavy-handed breakup anthems or fatuous VH-1 ballads calling back to tender teenage dreams-- Germano is famously adult and obscure with imagery, and continues in her tradition. As with roughly half the tracks on Lullaby for Liquid Pig, the sound of a breeze blowing across a cheap microphone is mixed in as "Pearls" ends.


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  1. So, yeah, I haven't been keeping this site up to date, so really, let's not even pretend. Here's Lisa Germano's official site. Here's the old Guillotine Love site, last updated in
  2. Sep 18,  · SLIDE is the one release by Lisa Germano that could be said to have traditional song structures and lyrics. After the concept albums GEEK THE GIRL and EXCERPTS FROM A LOVE CIRCUS, both obsessed with depression and angst, SLIDE's songs show Lisa with (just a 4/5(16).
  3. Apr 15,  · That's the overall mood of Lullaby For Liquid Pig, Lisa Germano's sixth full-length CD, in all its splendid sadness. Various strange and ethereal sounds swirl and float in the space around Germano's husky and engaging whisper-singing from start to finish/5(15).
  4. Lisa Germano, "Lullaby for liquid pig" by Lisa Germano - Guillotine by Clapham Messages From Sophia "There's More Kitties In The World Than Miamo-tutti" By Lisa And Dorothy.
  5. Jun 26,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Digipak CD release of Lullaby For Liquid Pig on Discogs/5(17).
  6. Coming after four years of silence, Lullaby For Liquid Pig (Ineffable, ) represents a substantial break with the past. This time Germano's whispered laments sound excessively fragile and ethereal (Nobody's Playing, Pearls, Dream Glasses Off, Lullaby for Liquid Pig) and melodically modikustugoredianadar.infoinfo does better with the unusually distorted and hallucinated Liquid Pig, resembling a video shot.

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