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Oct - 02

Lazy Daze - Matt Wolfe - Lone Wolf

Label: Cold Fiction Music - CFM011 • Format: 17x, File MP3 256 kbps • Country: US • Genre: Electronic • Style: Leftfield, Abstract, IDM
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I wonder what is Lazy Daze - Matt Wolfe - Lone Wolf to happen next. I wonder, for instance, what would be your attitude if our whimsical government with apparent inconsistency ignored the sheep but offered the wolf the most munificent position imaginable. Flowing, mellifluous correspondence does not happen any longer. Where once I bought envelopes and stamps in bulk actually I still do but not because I have such f lorid letter exchanges on the gonow I have very few correspondents. I think only three of my pen pals remain as regular letter writers.

Many remain in my address book as people to whom I mail cds and occasional notes. Who knew that even email would become too much of burden?

I have consciously in the last few months tried to return much communication to email, if possible. Back to a place where I have more freedom and choice — responses happen on my time, or your time, if at all. Everyone who needs to get in touch with me, and with whom I want immediate contact, knows how to reach me.

Anyone else: if they really Lazy Daze - Matt Wolfe - Lone Wolf something to say, they can email. I realized too late that I had fallen into following people to embrace these immediate forms of communication even when I did not want immediacy with them. But I have realized that some of it can wait.

Some of it can be anticipated. Some of it feels unnecessarily prying. The intimacy of being immediately too close and too accessible is too much in most cases. It makes sense to create barriers and filters in these cases, while selectively choosing openness and accessibility with only the very few, the Rondo: Allegro - Beethoven*, Jan Panenka, Prager Symphoniker*, Václav Smetáček - 3.

Klavierkonzert / dear. I will once more straddle the saddle of controlling how, when and with whom I communicate, and ride on into the sunset. And into kitchen utensil stores. It is, as I told him, a tenuous link. And he claims he is… in love with my voice. Oh, please. He also told me he had been searching for years for the perfect vinegar and oil Heavens What I Feel (Prince Quick Mixs Amped Up Pass) - Gloria Estefan - Heavens What I Feel for his kitchen but had still come up short.

The presumption came when he started writing about how he expected that I would apply to colleges in Boston to be near him? Yeah, exactly… oh, please. I never intended for this springtime playlist to grow to such massive proportions.

My experience and memory filtered into an auditory blueprint. I never imagine that very much happens or changes in my life, but then when I have an opportunity to reflect, I realize that major things have happened almost weekly over the course of the last six months…. I will only say that, as ever, nothing is settled. The postal versions to those for whom I have postal addresses are going out in the mail this week.

It was not how I had imagined anyway, so just as well that none of it happened. Japanese Breakfast — The Woman that Loves You …You should try to do as little harm as you can to the woman that loves you…. Hefner — Half a Life …Life without my sweetheart is only half a life…. Things are the way they have to be. Itasca — No Consequence With love for Annette — plenty of consequences.

For MP. Pixie Geldof — Wild Things Grow Not anything I ever anticipated including despite lifelong weird obsession with Bob Geldof; thanks to Travis, this finds its way here And you can hear that when you listen to this interesting, if odd, song. Where do you go?

Why do you leave me all alone? Cigarettes After Sex — K. Bubblegum Lemonade — This is the New Normal Hoping that the world we live in right now is not the new normal….

Tenniscoats — Hikoki Thinking of back when my mom expanded her vocabulary to include the Japanese neko and hikooki. Bigger than surface. Los Campesinos! Slowdive — Star Roving To made-up middle-of-night games pitting songs against each other and admissions of never cottoning to Slowdive back in the old days.

The sound here is not mine, but the lyrics… dear, dear heavens. Sibelius — In the Stream of Life Rautavaara Robyn Hitchcock — Goodnight Oslo. Ultra Vivid Scene with Kim Deal — Special One Watching the video on a hotel room bed in Oslo, nearing the end of the five-day bubble, memories of high school for me, an intro to something new for him. One can hope. Having written almost prolifically about postage and the controversies of postage stamp motifsit occurs to me to write about the corollary of postage stamps — letters.

We need letters to mail if we are going to get excited about postage stamps. But what exactly is it about a letter that reaches such depths, and what ineffable, immutable piece of humanity are we losing as the golden age of writing letters sets into the digital horizon?

The beauty of the art of letter writing — the anticipation and the intimacy — is captured both in the article I cite and the book the article writes about. I could get a glimpse of Communist-era Eastern European countries, just on the cusp of a democratic shift. I could admire the philatelic sensibilities of the French. There is still something very intoxicating about the idea of having to really want to communicate with someone else so badly that you will make the effort of putting pen to paper and go through the motions of packaging and posting a letter to some other place in the world.

It is not really a massive effort — but it is becoming a less and less likely occurrence all the time. When I mail my quarterly CD mixes Наши судьбы - Владимир Михайлов* - Голос Детства (серия Нашему любимому ребёнку) sometimes even handmade cards, many people non-pen pal people who make it onto the mailing list often express such shock that they received a real, genuine piece of mail.

Everyone seems to enjoy receiving, but like a lot of things in life, people are too lazy or disinclined to reciprocate. But there are those among us who keep this hobby — passion, even — alive. In the heyday of my pen pal life, I had more penfriends than I could count, all over the world, and counted them among my best friends despite a few horror stories — which is entirely another story.

It seems so strange to me that I was checking the mail every ten minutes back then, wondering why the mailman was Lazy Daze - Matt Wolfe - Lone Wolfwhether my letters were lost, etc. And to imagine that the Eye Of The Storm - Pretty Maids - Future World problem in my whole life back then was managing to get enough stamps.

I never had enough stamps or money for stamps. And any stamps I was given were gone as soon as I had them in hand. Now I have piles of stamps that I, perhaps ironically, order online and have shipped directly to me! Careers, marriage, children, just not being interested in writing or maybe just not wanting to write to me. Fine and dandy. You might ask a really burning question — and at best, you could expect an answer in two weeks.

And at worst — well, who knows? Letters manage somehow to humanize and slow things down. The Lazy Daze - Matt Wolfe - Lone Wolf thing about letters and parcels — it is Lazy Daze - Matt Wolfe - Lone Wolf a wholly different feeling, a wholly different world.

I will never completely stop with my postal entanglements; it will just continue on this meandering, winding road. New properties in G4 Flowing, mellifluous correspondence does not happen any longer. Am I alone, a lone wolf, in thinking that all of this smacks of too much familiarity? Like this: Like Loading To move on you must move through… Love to all of you.


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  4. And frankly, I don’t think most people have much experience receiving personal letters. Maybe people’s grandparents are still clinging to the postal service, along with outliers like myself. Everyone seems to enjoy receiving, but like a lot of things in life, people are too lazy or disinclined to reciprocate.
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